“Lord, please give us a house with an elevator….”, my middle child, in all her faith and innocence, muttered before we lay our backs and call it a day. Some days I am in awe of the humbling thoughts my kids blurt out, other times, I can barely keep my sanity.

I’m Camille, mom to three kids that are too adorable not to share to the world. In my past time, I pick up scattered toys and browse Instagram. I love taking photos too much they invaded my laptop’s memory. I set goals and plans that usually last a couple of weeks ’till I stop and set a new one. My husband, on the other hand, complements me. He is determined to finish what he started and is most of the time the calmer one between us.

Three kids. Elijah, Elizabeth and Eliana. Two under five and one 7-year old. In the morning we move like ninjas just to bring them to school in time. In the evening, it’s mostly kisses and cuddles in between screams and wailing. It’s basically what we do all day, everyday. And yet, in the stillness of the night, while the whiny, sweet and often funny human beings entrusted to us are all resting, we realize how much they’ve grown. Everything we do is the same, but still nothing is the same everyday.

Aguila Chronicles is more than just a blog, it is the documentation of our days, tiny notes we’ll keep and reopen when the kids have grown, tips and travels, dreams and belief systems we stand to. This is our way to put a dent in the web.

Thank you for joining us here!