This is Bliss

The long weekend served us well. There are lots of times when we barely see each other because of school, work and social responsibilities but this is not one of those.

Canadian Thansgiving

The weekend, to our amazement, was extremely slow. We savored movie nights, brunches and bedtime cuddles. We have been in the house and barely stood out of the couch. The kids played with their devices (because they can only do so in the weekends), we watched worship songs on YouTube, and in between tablets and YT videos, Alfred recorded his song in front of the kids, I spent time in the gym (with the kids too, as usual) and we painted until the floors get messy.

Today is Thanksgiving Day. Canadian Thanksgiving that is.

I was not planning on cooking anything at all because I know the kids won’t eat much and everything will be left in the fridge until it gets hard and moldy. Somehow, I changed my mind. I’m a woman after all, I’m allowed to change my mind every couple of minutes. Haha!

So, I decided to keep the kitchen busy today. Not because it’s tradition, we don’t have Thanksgiving in the Philippines, but because I want the kids to see, feel, smell and celebrate the small things we enjoy. So, after hours of cooking, we gathered around our beaten up dining table and gave thanks.


The struggle ends when gratitude begins. -Neale Donald Walsch



I am thankful for family, because marriage takes a lot of work and motherhood is twice as much work but by the grace of God, I am here, doing well, handling well and inspiring women while doing so.

I am thankful for social media, where I can talk to my family across the globe, influence and inspire moms like me to take care of themselves and not be guilty about it.

I am thankful for busyness, the good kind of busyness. This means food on the table, bills paid, experiences acquired and personal growth.

I am thankful for the chaos and recognize that it won’t stay here for long. The kids will grow up, the toys will be donated, the wall scribbles will be repainted and the clingyness will soon subside. So I am thankful for now because where I am is not an accident.


Thanksgiving Canada


I am thankful for all the small things we forget to appreciate. Like freedom, breath, friends, memory foam mattresses and even Netflix shows.

There is so much we can be grateful for, if only we learn to look around. We have always been craving for things we don’t have and looking far to where we think our happiness will be. I mean, yes to dreams and goals that  motivate us to strive harder today. However, let us not forget that while we are looking at ourselves some 10 years ahead, we should also love and appreciate who we are, where we are and what we do right now.

I hope as we cap this day off, you get to breathe in one tiny prayer of thanksgiving and speak blessings to your loved ones. Life is so much more meaningful if we savor in the beauty of the now.

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