I Write. Again.

It is one of my March goals to set up and start blogging but if you look closely, like see my previous 4 posts, you’ll know that this blog has been set up a year ago already. It’s here, silently existing and in deep slumber.


I love blogging, no doubt about it. I have started sometime in 2012 before my family moved to Winnipeg and man, did I find new friends and a community in the niche I was in. It was fun and exciting and full of mom stories. I worked with brands, tried working from home and even honed my photography skills. I actually found my love for shooting through my blog.

That being said, our migration changed everything. I got too caught up gathering and building a new life in a land so foreign and cold. I have no friends, no blogging community, no driver’s license and no freakin’ idea what to do with my life. I was basically at a lost. Well, not to be mistaken, my offline life was really great but my reason for writing was nonexistent.

However, the best part of our stories lie not in the predictable but the twists and turns.

Come 2017, my husband, who was in paternity leave, and I decided to do a bit of running and cycling in the morning. We basically got nothing to do back then once the kids were sent to school. So, we brought our newborn to the park and did us some cardio.

The paternity leave and cardio led us to assess our habits. First, because parental leave allows you to get only about 60% of your wage and that means we are almost broke. Second, when you sweat, you feel healthy and that feeling leads to eating, sleeping and thinking well.

So, our assessment led us to this one thing: give up fast food! 

The giving up was more for economic than health reasons bu oh how did this change our lives! We spent, on an average, about $100 a month just for McDonald’s, Tim Hortons, A&W and Burger King! The let’s-go-window-shopping-and-buy-fast-food-on-the-way-home days were over. Throughout the year, we spent as little as we can with eating out and decided we could fill our hunger with home-cooked goodness instead.

We decided to be intentional with our trips. It’s that simple.

And that’s why I’m here, blogging again.

Not because I wanna lecture you with fast food, or force you to spend hours on the treadmill, or even make you hate your body.

I am here because now, I have a story. I have a passion to pursue and I want to share it to the world.

I am excited to build my strength, nourish my home and celebrate my body (all curves and creases). More so, I am thrilled to finding new friends, engaging with my old readers and writing about my ruminations.

So ride with me as we journey together in embracing our strength. Whether you lift, run, do yoga, or pilates. Whatever floats your boat, babe. Let’s be better than yesterday! 💪




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