It’s a No-Tablet Day

Once in a while, usually after our visits with our optometrist, we are compelled to live a day with limited screen time. This means limited tv time and absolutely no tablets. There was a time that we kept all tablets for a month until the kids totally forgot about them. What we noticed about this is the obvious:


  • Kids get super messy.

Messy kids = messy house = super tired mom. I can’t count the number of times we threw all the toys on the floor, cleaned it up and threw it all again. Toys were everywhere, paint smears all over the house and artworks hung on the walls. Nothing is free, so is triggering our kids’ creativity. During that month, we spent a lot for paint, paintbrushes, paper, stickers and whatnot. Not only that but we also spent a lot of nights cleaning up the whole house!

  • Kids get creative.

A messy house doesn’t mean that my kids are rowdy and unstoppable but that they are just getting their creative brain juices working . My recycling bin were filled with painted egg cartons and cereal boxes that were made into boats. They made cities from their toys, played pretend and used up almost everything in the house as their toy.

  • Old toys get used.

We noticed our 7-year boy, who’s into gadgets and skateboards and soccer, play with his old stash of hotwheels again. Some of these playsets were in the garage, waiting to be donated. Somehow, maybe because of boredom, he found it and once again played with them. I love when they get so bored they look for something new to play. Even if it’s an old toy, it becomes new to them.

  • There was more ‘family time’.

Instead of everyone slumped in every corner of the house where the plugs are, we got to play games together, bake together and do chores together. It was fun, full of energy and at times, too loud. However, I love how the kids became a part of cleaning and doing something for the home (although most of the time they clean just about 10% of our mess).

No-tablet days are my ‘ideal mom’ days. I feel like Martha Stewart baking cookies and crafting and playing family games while cradling the littlest one. However, these days can only last as much. >.< So we only ban tablets during school days now and live a ‘normal mom’ day on weekends, unless we have family backyard projects, then we do make a lot of mess…and love it!


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