On Investing

Investing is a daunting word. It is, most of the time, associated with sums of money and with a great amount of risking involved. We’re usually scared of jumping in it and the loops at which our money revolves.

But the level of investing my husband and I entered into involves very minimal risk. It requires a smaller amount of money but with a higher yield, which is at most times intangible.

Ready to be with us?

Here it is.

We decided to invest in ourselves! *BOOM*

Sorry if it just popped your bubble and the dollar signs faded right away but this kind of investing is the best one you can enter into. Investing in yourself is like building your equity in your house. You can’t see it but you know it’s there being built up as you pay down your mortgage and the market continues to increase.

So how can you invest in yourself?

  1. Enroll in classes – it doesn’t have to be formal degree course. You can enroll yourself in diploma courses that lasts a few months to a couple of years, depending on your needs.
  2. Attend seminars/events – the fastest way to learn about a certain craft is when you attend seminars and events. Not only will this be a great avenue of learning but also an opportunity to network and create relationships with like-minded individuals.
    Back in the Philippines when I still blogged in my personal page, Lollies and Lipsticks, I loved attending events of brands that do not just shove their products at you but actually gave you tips and educate you about something. Not only was I able to learn and discover new things (PS. my ultimate favorite was the Manila Hotel tour!) but I was also able to meet blogging moms like me.
  3. Network with people – surrounding yourself with people of the same interest as yours not only hone your skills but also fuel up your passions and helps you drive yourself closer to your goal. Yes, you can meet new people at different gatherings and build relationships with them but networking isn’t only limited to events. You can build your network online through social media as well. You can get involved in certain groups discussing the same things you are interested in or follow the people that you look up to. In a world of Facebook groups and hashtag conversations, nothing is impossible.
    *A bit of a warning though, be extra extra careful with the information you give over social media. It can be a powerful tool but you have to know how to use it properly.
  4. Books, books, and more books – our goal for this year is to finish at least one book a month. It was such a task for me because reading guide books, self-help articles and inspiring biographies is not my thing. I adore Sidney Sheldon, my forever hero, but after Charlotte Bronte and John Grisham is nothing. I’ve never actually read anything nonfiction..until now. Our goal is to get more thought-provoking facts from these books so we’re focusing on non-fiction. However, if you’d want to pull some inspiration from fiction, go grab that book of yours and start reading!
  5. Decide to be fit – fitness doesn’t actually mean you have to end up with six pack abs or toned biceps. You can be fit by taking a walk in the morning, running on your treadmill or just preferring the flight of stairs to your office. Being mindful of our health allows us to do more in our lives, whether it be work, house chores or running with kids.
  6. Change your mindset – my husband has this chant where he shouts like a commanding general “Change of mindset!!” and the kids, like little soldiers, will answer back “Ready!”. Before you step in all these, you have to prepare your mind. You have to have a clear view of what you want to achieve and why. This will create an unquenchable spirit in you and will keep your candle burning even through the darkest of times.

Improving yourself has tons of benefits. 1.) You can present yourself well to your social circle, 2.) if you are an entrepreneur, this helps in creating your brand since your name will always be associated with your business, 3.) it will help build your self-esteem, which is pretty important to everyone, 4.) it will give you deeper understanding of certain things, plus 5.) all the health benefits-mental, emotional, and physical- associated with it.

So why not invest in yourself? This is the only investment will zero percentage of loss.

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